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Clarissa’s first book, Brave New Life is available on Amazon NOW!

In this long anticipated book Clarissa describes her journey of discovery and courage and reveals TWO signature step-by-step methods that will help you to….

  • Design the next chapter of your one life and declare it bravely.

  • Release what’s holding you back and gain the confidence that you can create everything you dream of.

  • Develop courage so you finally step into your power and do the thing you were born to do.

Are you ready to begin a new chapter of life? are you ready to turn the page to a brand new blank page and start a BRAVE NEW LIFE? Whether you are very unhappy in your current life or are content, but know that it’s time for a shift, I want to say I GET YOU.

I have started over SO MANY TIMES.

So many times. My best friend once said to me, I wish I could feel as comfortable as you do with starting over, with just picking up and beginning a new life. It’s something I love, an experience I thrive on, and that’s why if you find yourself desiring something new…

I want to EMPOWER YOU TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. To flip that page and begin writing your BRAVE NEW LIFE.

Do you feel the stirrings for something more?

Are there experiences your heart so desperately longs for and you just can’t seem to grasp them?

Do you feel bored with your daily routine and don’t quite know what needs to shift?

Do you feel like if you could just figure out your divine purpose and start living it that you’d feel more fulfilled in your life?

Do you know that those experiences you long for are right around the corner and if you could just reach out and grab it, it would be yours?

Trust me, I know what you're going through, because I've been there too.

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