Goodie Bag!

Thank you for joining us this week for the Life On Purpose 5-Day Challenge. Below are goodies from our sponsors of this event.

Catriona Futter-


Catriona is a Life Coach with a particular interest in life purpose. She is passionate about helping people identify, understand and celebrate their unique design and worth, and live a fulfilling life. She is based in Scotland, running her business Equip for Life Coaching. She is a life coach, Christian life coach, speaker, team coach and enthusiastic blogger! She previously worked as a physical therapist (physiotherapist) for over 20 years, and much of what she does now is informed by her experiences of helping people set goals, overcome obstacles, and understand behaviour patterns. She is a practical, enthusiastic strategist who loves to make people think!

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Melanie Barnum-

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Melanie Barnum is a psychic, medium, international author, intuitive counselor, life coach, reflexologist and hypnotist who has been practicing professionally for almost twenty years. Melanie enjoys helping others connect to their loved ones, discover their own greatness, and dive into their intuitive abilities through individual & group sessions, workshops, and mentoring.  

Her 7 books have been translated into many languages and include “The Book of Psychic Symbols”, “The Steady Way to Greatness:  Liberate”, “Psychic Abilities for Beginners”, “Psychic Vision”, “Llewellyn’s Little Book of Psychic Development”, and the upcoming “Psychic Development Beyond Beginners”, all through Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers. Also, available is Melanie’s newest book, “Manifest Your Year” and her card deck, “Psychic Symbols Oracle Cards”! 
For more information, visit her website:

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Michelle Lee -

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Michelle Lee is the founder of Athena Rising Now, LLC, a women’s empowerment coach for 17 years and is a powerful conduit of the Sacred Feminine.  She deeply understands that when women are healed the planet can thrive.
Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and mission is to transform the female experience on the planet by helping women embody their innate value and worth and turn it into financial freedom, infinite wealth and abundant living in all ways. 

Women working with Michelle, shed self-doubt and fear of inadequacy, learn to trust their intuition, tap into their unique expression and create financial freedom on their terms. 

Michelle is the author of Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey CD and the creator of countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love How to Get There from Here and most recently her book, Women: From Profit to Power, Your Guide to Claiming Your Worth.  Michelle’s passion for women’s empowerment has led her to become the president of the Central Phoenix/Inez Casiano Chapter of National Organization for Women

You can reach Michelle at her website

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Radhaa Nilia Nilia-

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Radhaa Nilia is an award-winning director, author, artist, storyteller, educator, speaker, and empowerment coach. She offers classes and courses at Goddess Code Academy for the divine feminine: 

Her Podcast: Galactic Goddess is rapidly rising and now on nine podcast platforms touching on far out and taboo topics. You can find HERE:

In addition, Radhaa has a boutique Publishing company created as a sacred space and creative incubator of new literary talent of soulful all-stars, specializing find out more here:

Free Gift: Heart of a Priestess Meditation: A healing meditation to help bring you back to your sacred center. Reactivating your divine gifts, soul blueprint and higher purpose.