What do you do?

SO.... What's a Life Designer you ask? Let me tell you!

I'm in the business of CREATING. 

                           Creating joyful people. Creating meaningful lives.  Creating beautiful space. Creating a better world.

As we work together to jumpstart your ah-mazing life,

  • You will blast through limiting beliefs and "get real" about who you are and uncover what you truly want.
  • You will realize your unique personality and discover your personal strengths.
  • You will manifest your own purpose and learn the importance of living in your peak state to accomplish what you most desire.

Like I said, ah-mazing right? It gets even better...

What makes working with me so special, is that then, after we do the internal work, you will have the opportunity to work with me as we have a BLAST celebrating YOU and creating YOUR space. I will show you how colors and arrangement of space can make you feel great. We will work together to create a space that SCREAMS you and LIGHTS YOU UP. You will feel alive INSIDE AND OUT! 

I believe our "outer" physical space plays such a huge role in how we feel in our "internal" metaphysical space. My experience has taught me that where you live matters, what your space feels like matters, and if you want to change internally, you must make physical changes to make those internal changes more lasting.

Clear out the old, let go of the past, and welcome in the new INSIDE and OUT!

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Clarissa is one of the most authentic people I know. She has a passion for life and loves people. You can always count on Clarissa to be your ‘person’ for everything. She can help you wherever you’re at, because there’s a good chance she’s been there too. She wants to help people find a passion for life, and she’ll help you get there.
— Carlee Aquino, beautiful soul