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Welcome to Day 6!

 Featuring: Carol Schulte and Colleen Georges


An authority on brave entrepreneurship and as founder of Women Living BIG, Carol has worked with thousands of women to get them out of their comfort zone and into their BIG zone - whether that’s skydiving, getting a promotion, or climbing Africa’s highest peak. She holds a BFA in Theatre Performance, an MA in Communication, two postgraduate certificates in coaching and mentoring, and has been engaging international audiences as a professional speaker for almost a decade. And as someone who’s lived in 16 different countries including Ashrams in India and vans in New Zealand, had dreadlocks in Thailand, shaved her head for breast cancer, and recently back from Remote Year, Carol walks her talk!

When she's not bringing women to learn to surf or climb Kilimanjaro, you can find her volunteering abroad or as a bereavement facilitator, training for her next triathlon, or practicing her serious carpool karaoke game.

In this engaging, empowering, and enlightening home study program, you’ll gain clarity and confidence as you discover your unique gifts, your true values, and who you are meant to be in the world. You will go through the six parts of this program and realize that you, too, have an inner genius. And when you live and work from that place, your work will matter in a whole new way! 

Dr. Colleen Georges is a Positive Psychology coach, author, university lecturer, and TEDx speaker who helps individuals and groups clarify their goals, design and implement action plans, and RESCRIPT negative self-talk so they aren’t derailed from achieving their dreams. In her TEDx Talk, “Re-Scripting the Stories We Tell Ourselves,” she discusses how we can change our internal dialogue to transform the lives we live. Dr. Colleen lives in New Jersey with her husband and son.

RESCRIPT Your Story Workbook
Your "RESCRIPT Your Story Workbook" includes a quiz to help you assess your self-talk patterns, a life story satisfaction rating scale, and 15 strategies from Dr. Colleen's RESCRIPT Framework to help you Quiet Your Inner Antagonist, Amplify Your Inner Advocate, and Author a Limitless Life!

Meet Your Host

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Yearning to uncover the treasures within YOU and discover YOUR true purpose?

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Clarissa Findlay is a certified Life Purpose Coach who believes in dreaming big, living life to the fullest, and always following your heart. 

As author of the book, Brave New Life, her mission is to empower women to discover their purpose, release what’s holding them back, and move forward with courageous action into a life of passion and love, both inner and outer.

She has a superpower of being able to see people for their highest selves. Through her programs she works with women to see themselves in that same way. She helps women pull out their natural personality and strengths so they can shine brighter and deeply know that they are enough.

Residing in San Diego, California she loves trying new things. She is obsessed with personal development and all things psychology and has books everywhere. (need a suggestion? just ask!) She loves music, cycling, learning, and traveling. Her favorite place to be is anywhere there is ocean. And last, but certainly not least, she loves the color yellow.