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Welcome to Day 1!

 Featuring: Michelle Manning


Michelle Manning is a transformational healing specialist, medical intuitive and certified high-performance coach.  She is the author of “Quantum Soul Clearing – Healing the Scars Life Leaves on the Soul,” and the Founder of the “Quantum Soul Clearing Process.”

Michelle specializes in working with women to release the conscious or unconscious sexual trauma that keeps them playing small or afraid to fully bring their brilliance into the world.  

Her clients experience the metamorphosis that comes from stripping away old traumas, hidden beliefs, behavioral patterns, and generational programming, that stand in the way of their ultimate success and freedom.  Her clients have often doubled their income within 90 days of working with Michelle. She helps her clients fully activate their innate gifts and talents so that they attract their perfect clients, powerfully serve humanity, and revolutionize the world as the next generation of world thought leaders and influencers. 

Meet Your Host

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Yearning to uncover the treasures within YOU, discover YOUR true purpose, and design the next phase of your beautiful life?

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💛Today is the day to feel Lighter and Brighter!

Clarissa Findlay is a certified Life Purpose Coach who believes in dreaming big, living life to the fullest, and always following your heart. 

Her mission is to empower women to discover their purpose, release what’s holding them back, and move forward with courageous action into a life of passion and love, both inner and outer.

She has a superpower of being able to see people for their highest selves. Through her programs she works with women to see themselves in that same way. She helps women pull out their natural personality and strengths so they can shine brighter and deeply know that they are enough.

Residing in San Diego, California she loves trying new things. She is obsessed with personal development and all things psychology and has books everywhere. (need a suggestion? just ask!) She loves music, cycling, learning, and traveling. Her favorite place to be is anywhere there is ocean. And last, but certainly not least, she loves the color yellow.