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The First Day of the Last Month of the Year.

Holy Moly, it's December 1st... Woah... where did 2017 go? A year ago I was living in a different state, working a terrible job, didn't have a business, didn't have a blog... barely knew what I even wanted to be doing with my life...... WHERE WERE YOU? Think about it for a moment. How far have you come this year?

yep that's where it's gone. and it's been amazing hasn't it?!

(Heads up... I am a very nostalgic person and tend to get a little wrapped up in looking back this time of year. BUT, it's good for my soul and helps me look at where I've come over the year and where I'm going in the new year.)

To be honest, 2017 hasn't been my favorite year on the books. I didn't go on any epic road trips, I didn't leave the country, I haven't fallen in love like I wanted to.... some things that were out of my control came up and life happened. And that's okay... because this year has been amazing in other ways and I have learned so SO much.

So...  It's the first day of the last month of this year and I want it to be EPIC! Let's live out 2017 with a bang! What are you going to do to finish the year strong and set yourself up for success in the new year?

I'm going to focus on connection and love, friendship, and gratitude. I am going to allow myself to bask in the feelings this year has brought on and remember the ways I have moved through them. I have some awesome things in store for my business planning that I'm stoked about and have some goodies up my sleeve for you as well. I'm also going to take some time to reconnect with my spirituality, prioritize my physical and emotional health, and have FUN, because after all, it's the holidays.

That's me. What are YOU going to do this month?

Because it's not about what you should do, or what someone else is doing, or what you've been doing all year. What do YOU need to focus on THIS MONTH to knock 2017 out with a bang?


P.S. Just for fun, I've linked my holiday playlist.. head over and check it out!