We all have limiting beliefs.

They were either created by us, created by those that have/had influence on us, or created by the culture/environment we grew up in or are in currently.

These beliefs create your perspective or the way you VIEW YOUR WORLD. Think about that for a second, you are seeing the world through YOUR lens of beliefs. So everyone is walking around seeing their own version of reality? YEP!


The most powerful thing you can do to change your life is to change your lens. You do this by really looking at your belief systems and making sure they are leading you where you want to go, because the truth is, you can have anything you desire.

Four years ago I was in a rough place. I had moved to Las Vegas for a job opportunity and you know what, life was pretty good, except I couldn't see it. I had a great job where I had responsibility and influence and was making decent money, I was living in sunny year-round Las Vegas, I was living with 2 great girls who were amazing friends, and I should have been very happy.

Except I wasn't.

I spent an entire year doing just about nothing besides going to work and coming home to lay on my couch and watch Netflix for the rest of the night before I would go to bed just to wake up and do it over again. I felt numb and unhappy, lost, angry, and alone.

Finally a dear friend asked me if I would like to do a free coaching session with her and she opened my eyes to the concept of limiting beliefs.

WOW. Life Changed.

I was walking around believing that I wasn't smart, unique, or creative. I was looking at life through the lens that no one will like me or want to hear my thoughts and ideas. I was going through the motions and not living life fully because I believed I was a timid and shy person and therefore couldn't go forward and create new relationships.

I want to cry when I think back to the girl that truly believed these things. I did the work to turn these limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs and that has made all the difference. I started looking for proof in my life that I was creative, inspiring, smart, and unique. I started expressing gratitude for the mind that I have and the powerful tool that it was in creating new ideas and started acting with courage to share them. Little by little I grew my confidence by reaching out to others and seeing how they responded. And my beliefs changed.

Now, sometimes, when life throws some hard things my way these old limiting beliefs rear their ugly heads, it takes a lot to truly reconfigure your mind. But all I have to do is remember the work I've done on these beliefs and again begin to look for the proof that they are not true and things become clear again.

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"Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds." -Napoleon Hill

So... how do we overcome these limiting beliefs that sometimes seem so engrained into our minds? There are 6 fairly simple steps that if you follow, you will begin to see the difference in your life. Now... I'll be honest with you, this is not a quick fix. This is not something you sit down in an evening and work through and all the sudden feel brand new. As I just shared, the process of rewiring your mind can take years or decades. but don't let that discourage you. Little by little, day by day, focusing on the empowering beliefs and looking for the proof of them, your mind will change and when you look back you will not even recognize yourself.

Yep, it's that powerful.

Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs...

Step 1. Get Clear on What you Really Desire.

Step 2. Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Step 3. Question the Belief and Disprove it

Step 4. Let Go of the Limiting Belief

Step 5. Rewrite Limiting Belief into new Empowering Belief.

Step 6. Strengthen Empowering Belief

So... there's just a quick overview of the steps. If you'd like to go deeper then watch your inbox this week for your opportunity to step into Courage to Be School, Summer Semester, and begin shifting your life!

What one of my clients said about how doing this work changed things for her… “Oh my goodness. It's so amazing once you lift your limiting beliefs. Looked at a job that I wanted, but saw no way of it happening. Didn't think I was enough before. I applied for it yesterday and they asked to schedule an interview today. Club manager for fitness gym! Who would have thought? I'm so excited I put myself out there and believed in myself and rewrote my beliefs in myself! Wanted to say thank you. I would have never gone for it without your program. One step closer to my dream. “ -Bonnie

What do you say? Is there something you’re dying to try? Are you ready to go from dreaming to believing?