I am such a strong believer in the fact that our physical environment influences our state of mind. Our space creates the way we feel. In my 20’s I have lived the life of a traveling gypsy. Never feeling settled, moving every 6 months, living in basement apartments in San Francisco, moving in and out of my home in Las Vegas, 3 different places in Washington and DC. I am so happy that I have found what feels like home and where I intend to stay for a long time.

Because I am so passionate about space, I wanted to write about how YOU can add personality into your space. As we go out into the world every day we are inundated with other people's personalities and opinions and judgments and differing values and by the end of the day this can leave us feeling depleted and a little unsure of ourselves.

One great way to keep yourself grounded and uplift your soul on a daily basis is to add touches of your personality, or your family's personality, to your space.

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How to Add Personality to your Space

1. Tell Your Story

Each room in your home can tell a story. When you begin decorating this is where you should begin. What do you want people to know about you when they come into this room? How do you want them to feel? What types of items will bring this out in the room? Use photos, mementos, and curated items to tell the story of you and your family.

2. Display a Collection

Collections tell a lot about a person's personality. Maybe you collect vases or paintings or wall clocks. Maybe you collect musical instruments, records, or stamps. Don't hide these things away. Display them! Let people in on the things you're interested in. And give yourself a daily reminder of what makes you excited and makes you, well, YOU.

3. Mix Old and New

Display old items that are family heirlooms, personal treasures, or things that remind you of your childhood along with new items that don't have personal meaning at all, but enhance the look of the display of the personal items. Buy a beautiful sconce to display a family heirloom on. Display a picture of your favorite world city. Bring out the vintage in things by contrasting them with new.


4. Neutral Furniture

When purchasing large pieces of furniture, go neutral so you have the versatility to change other things up when you get bored. You can always change pillows and accessories in a room to give it a completely different look! If you're like me, you get bored quickly, so this is an inexpensive way to have the ability to completely redo the look of a room.

5. Lighting

Who hasn't spent over an hour perusing every single item in Ikea's lighting section? Oh, just me? My heart starts beating a hundred miles an hour every time I turn that corner, I'm like a mosquito being drawn to the light. haha. Lamps and interior lighting are such a great way to add personality to any space. Get a colorful lamp for your bedroom. Get a funky chandelier to light up your dining room or an interesting desk lamp to ignite your creativity at work. The options are endless here. HAVE FUN WITH LIGHTING.

6. Display Items that Speak to What You Value

What are your core values? Is love at the top of your list? Maybe it's humor? Or family? The Outdoors? Fun? Use your space to remind you of these values on the daily. Display photos of you and those you love showing these values. Put out books and magazines that represent them. Display your outdoor gear. Have a game room that displays your love for togetherness and fun. Whatever you value most, use your space to let it shine!

7. Make Things Your Own

It can be so fun to take something you already have or some generic thing you bought at Hobby Lobby and make it uniquely your own! Paint it your favorite color, add quirky handles to redesign a boring old dresser, glue old childhood jewelry to a mirror and display it for all to see. It's amazing how good it can feel to get creative and make something all your own.

8. Variety=Personality

MIX THINGS UP. Display metals on wood or color on white. Put things where they might not normally belong. Forget the rules and have fun. If you are a rule follower, follow all the rules. Again, this is about making your space scream YOU.

9. Create Conversation Pieces

When you display personal items, items that you made yourself, and quirky collections, you invite people to ask about them. They get to know you, the real you. And there is something so wonderful and connecting about sharing pieces of ourselves with others. It is what creates friendship and love. Give yourself permission to show up for others to see.


10. Inspire

Use your space to inspire yourself and those around you. Hang beautiful pictures, display your hobbies and skills, find creative and aesthetic ways to display your aspirations and goals. Use all or some of the tips above to continue to inspire yourself to BE YOURSELF. Because there is no better way to inspire others and light up this world than by being your one true self.

There you have it! I absolutely LOVE helping people create a space that displays them. Have fun with this. You already know what to do and already have what you need to do it. Pull out the poster you bought in China and put it up on the wall! Print out some of those photos on your phone (what?! People still develop pictures?!) and display them. Display the tiara you wore on your wedding day. Hang and dry the flowers (or weeds) your little boy brought into you. It's about the little things.