When we're on the cusp of doing something amazingly scary or something that's out of our comfort zone, something that we really desire to do, but we know is going to push us, it gets a little scary and we need some things to hold us together and create that glue inside ourselves that will push us through the fears and the struggles.

So how can we create that glue?

Number 1. Moments that sustain you.

Think back and remember experiences that you've had in your life, about moments that sustain you, times that you've been brave in the past, times when people that you know have been brave in the past, inspirational stories that you can glean from, of times that can lift you up now and give you the courage to make these new leaps.


Sometimes it's only while looking backwards that we're able to see the proof of how things actually worked out.

When we talk about overcoming limiting beliefs we talk about finding proof in our lives that those limiting beliefs are not true. This is basically that same process of finding the proof that we've done scary and hard and challenging things before and that those times worked out. Even if there were a lot of hurdles, we had to jump over.

They worked out and we can be brave again now.

In the book "Anatomy of the Spirit" (By: Caroline Myss) it talks about was how when we have a dream inside of us sometimes it just won't go away and when we act on that dream, it shows the universe that we are serious about doing things and things just start to work.

The book gives an example of a man who couldn't stop having this dream about moving to Montana. He lived on the east coast. He had a really, really successful and financially stable job, but he just couldn't get this idea out of his head.

He kept having this dream, this recurring dream to move to Montana, which made absolutely no sense. He didn't know anyone there. He didn't have a job there. He didn't have any reason why he would possibly want to go there, but it just wouldn't go away.

Finally one day he just walked into his job and he just knew that he had to do something about it or he was going to go crazy. So he quit and when he told his coworkers what he was doing they were like, "well what great new life are you moving to?" And he said, "I absolutely have nothing. I'm just following a dream." He moved to Montana. He started living on this farm and they let him work for him and over time he grew a love for working with his hands on the farm.

They had a daughter that came back the following summer and eventually they got married, he inherited their farm and created this whole new different life that he would never have had if he had not had the courage to act on those stirrings.

An example from my own life  that I just feel so incredibly grateful for now.

Two years ago I launched my business. I was working on things. I was trying to create massive shifts. At that same time I was diagnosed with cancer and I was fired from my job. I was trying to start my business and so many things were not working.

I knew of this conference that was going on hosted by a wonderful mentor of mine in Sonoma county for her clients. I was not one of her clients but I just could not stop thinking about this conference.

I knew I had to be there.

It would not leave my mind.

Finally, after two months of thinking about it, like a month before the conference, I called her and I said, I know you're having this conference and I know it's only for your clients, but I just can't stop thinking about it. Can I come? And she said, yeah, we would absolutely love for you to be there. It costs a thousand dollars.

Well, like I said, I had lost my job. I'd had a couple months of not working. I was going through cancer and had just recently had surgery. I was trying to make my business work. I had just gotten a part time job, but a lot of financial pieces were in the air and I had barely over a thousand dollars in my bank account, but I just absolutely knew that I needed to go to this conference. And so I paid the money.

I drove to Sonoma from Las Vegas, where I was living at the time, went to the conference, had a wonderful experience, met amazing women, and just loved it.

And then I went home and thought, well that was really great that I did that. I'm not sure how I'm going to come up with the money that I need from now on, but I'm really glad that I did that.

Well, a week later this wonderful woman called me and asked if I would like to join her team and that opportunity led to many more opportunities and is the sole reason I am where I am now. I get to talk with women every day and create really amazing experiences with this opportunity that came from that leap of faith that I took from that moment where I said, I really just don't know how this is going to work, but I just absolutely know I have to do this.

And so I did.

I so often find myself just giddy with excitement, happiness, and joy that I get to help other women that are MAKING THEIR DREAMS HAPPEN TOO!

It's amazing when you can look back on those experiences in your life and see the proof of when those scary times paid off.


As you look back on your own life and think about those times when you have made big, scary decisions and then look forward and see how those decisions have worked out.

When we're standing on the cliff it's really scary. So when we can look back and see the times when things have worked out and what amazing things have come from those leaps of faith, it gives us the courage to step forward into the new whatever that we're trying to create now.


I am absolutely in love with the life that I'm living right now and the things that I get to do and all of that is because of some really scary moments and some big leaps that I made. And that's why I want the same thing for you.

Sometimes it's about being brave with our money. Sometimes it's about being brave with our time. Sometimes it's about being brave with our emotions, but it's about REMEMBERING the times we have been brave in the past and creating REINFORCEMENT in our minds that we can be brave NOW.

What is one of your MOMENTS THAT SUSTAIN YOU? Please share in the comments below!