Last night I was thinking about the word "Stretch." What does that word bring to mind for you?

The first thing that I think of is when I was trying to learn how to do the splits as a teenager. (I repeat as a teenager... haha, my flexibility has definitely declined over the past few years, can you relate?) When I was trying to learn how to do the splits I had to stretch every single day. The amazing thing was that as I stretched every day I was able to go a little lower and a little lower each day until eventually I was able to go all the way down. The progress can slowly, but surely, and as I put in the effort to stretch, I reached my goal. YAY!


When is a time in your life when you have "stretched" and reached a goal that meant a lot to you?

In relating this to how it feels to stretch in our lives it is much the same way. The word stretch means: to be made or be capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking. Without tearing of breaking... wow. As we reach outside our comfort zone and strive to create greater and greater results in our lives we get to stretch. We get to do little things every single day to improve our mindset, to improve our abilities, to stretch ourselves beyond our normal capacities into the confident, loving, radiant person living the fulfilling and meaningful life we want to lead.

Because of this I want to invite you to be a part of my 90-day Bridge to Purpose Program. This program walks you through step by step as we stretch you, a little each week, into the purpose you are craving. I'm holding your hand the whole way, coaching you and standing for you as you step into your greatness.

I would be so honored to go on this journey with you! 

My signature program is a 3-month 1:1 transformational experience to walk you across the bridge to your purposeful, thriving life. We do this work by uncovering your unique identity, discovering your true purpose, developing a limitless mindset, forging courageous progress, and creating your perfect lifestyle. Because when you step into who you fully are and discover your true purpose, it's like a life-line in this world of uncertainty.

This 1:1 Transformational Experience Includes:

  • Welcome and orientation materials to help you get clear on your goals and desires.
  • One limiting-belief blaster session  - 60 minute deep dive to get you started. In this session we kick off our time together by getting clear on your limiting beliefs and walking through the process of transforming them into empowering beliefs. This process changes lives and will structure the remainder of our time together.
  • 11 one-on-one 30 minute coaching sessions - scheduled weekly via phone or Skype. This is where the program is really customized to YOU and what and where you are working in YOUR life.
  • Unlimited email and Voxer to help you with mindset and questions that arise throughout the entire 3 months.
  • Resources and materials as needed to help you reach your personal goals.

This program is designed to be customizable for YOU to take YOU from the place you currently are to the place YOU dream to go.

We will work together to...

  • I work with my clients to figure out their core identity so they feel more confident in putting that out into the world and no longer hide their true passions.
  • I help my clients uncover their authentic self that is buried under years and years of internal trauma and give them the tools needed to live authentically and attract what they want into their lives.
  • I go deep with my clients to uncover what is truly holding them back from being who they really are and help them take the steps to becoming not only emotionally independent and stable, but THRIVING in their unique feminism.
  • I work with my clients to reflect their new found inner joy, peace and identity they discover while working together into their physical space so they can have a constant external reminder of who they are and what they are working towards daily.
  • I help my clients break free from their comfort zone and outside expectations so they will take big leaps in their life and light the internal fire that contributes to more freedom.

Just to name a few! This program is completely customizable because it's all about getting YOU to the life you want.


The process of designing the life you love includes 5 pillars. Click here to find out what they are. This program has the power to change your life. 

Click the link below to apply and claim your FREE Transformation Call. 

If you have any questions, any questions at all, just click respond and ask! I'm here to support you in creating your most amazing life. I am so happy you are here and can't wait to work more closely with you through Bridge to Purpose. 

Let's stretch. Your time in now. :)