Okay, last week was the summer solstice so we are officially into Summer time! I am a summer girl, so I'm pretty excited... raise your hand if summer is your favorite time of the year! 

No matter what phase of life you're in, summer is pretty great. You may be on holiday from school for the summer. You may get to have your kids home with you during the days. You may work a normal job and feel like nothing changes, but you get to enjoy more daylight in the evenings after work spending time in nature and with family and friends.

Summer is a beautiful time and is a great time to focus on self-care. It seems that time slows down a little bit, we have more daylight hours to enjoy life in, the weather is beautiful and beckons us to go outside and take joy in the simple wonders of living. 


The term "self-care" seems to be a buzzword in our society right now, you know what I mean? How many times a day do you hear this term used? What do you think of when you hear the words? I know I think of bubble baths, pedicures, spa-days, reading a book in my hammock, and taking vacations to the beach. 

All of those activities are definitely self-care and I hope you participate in every single one of those things at some point this summer season. :)

BUT, today I want to talk about another facet of self-care, something that is hardly ever referred to when talking about self-care, but that has SO MUCH to do with our well-being and our sense of joy and fulfillment in life.


How good does it feel to commit to do something and then follow-through and accomplish it? How good does it feel to tackle an intimidating task, phone call, or to-do list and conquer?

I think the act of committing to something you care about and taking action to accomplish it is very near the top of the list of things that breed self-esteem, confidence, and lasting happiness.  

So I challenge you this summer season, amongst the camping trips and the pedicures and the pool days and the picnics in the park, to spend a little time every night thinking of ONE thing you would like to accomplish the next day, just ONE simple thing you can commit to completing and then the next day make sure you do whatever you need to do to accomplish that commitment. 

Enlist your kids in decluttering your basement or garage. Fix your bike that just hangs there. Plant a garden and reap the bounties of fresh produce you grew yourself. Pick an elderly neighbor you'd like to serve and ask your friends to brainstorm ways you can make their summer more enjoyable. 

Because self-care means taking care of your emotional health and there is no better way to do this than to do the things that make you feel accomplished, fulfilled, competent, and good about yourself. 

Make this the summer your self-esteem raises, your families hearts are widened, your relationships are strengthened, and your love for the earth is heightened. 

And take a few bubble baths too. Because those are just good for your soul. :)

Much love, Clarissa


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