I am currently in San Diego having a personal breakthrough experience attending a conference with many other incredible entrepreneurs, leaders, and human beings. Guess what? We all have the same fears. The same limiting beliefs. The same traumatic childhood experiences. The same cultural hold-ups. The same religious conflicts. They may show up just a bit differently, but we are all in this together in the game of life, trying our best to show up with love and power.

The three days last week were such an incredible experience really delving into our limiting beliefs, the belief systems we have about ourselves, and how we are showing up in our lives and in our businesses and in our relationships and in everything that we're doing.

It was an incredible realization that how we show up and everything that we do, every choice that we make comes from our belief systems about ourselves.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Why is this?

Because our behavior comes from our belief systems. How we see the neutral events that happen to us comes from the perspective created by our belief systems. Those belief systems come from our experiences that we had when we were children. Every single belief system we have about ourselves was created inside of us between the ages of zero and eight years old. I know that's crazy and I've shared that before, but it's true.

Those belief systems are what help us make our decisions and if we have beliefs about ourselves that are holding us back, those limiting beliefs will cause us to create things in our lives that we don't want. They'll cause us to create relationships that we don't want and issues in relationships that don't serve us our our partner. We create problems in our careers and in our families and everything when we are not owning our power and when those limiting beliefs are controlling our lives. 

Why would we create problems for ourselves? Makes no sense right?

Well, we unconsciously do it. But, the good news is, we can create something better when we do the work of recognizing our belief systems and creating something different.

I'm diving into that, really diving into it. I've never had such an intense experience in my life of inner work as last week but I'm so grateful for it because I get to come back and serve and show up so much better in my life.

One of the days I was asked by the trainer, "How is the way you're showing up effecting you? How is it effecting the people close to you in your life." My answer to those questions was that I am not showing up the way I want and therefore not being able to serve others the way I want. I believe pure joy comes from loving others and serving people in a way that makes others' lives better.

How can you do this if you are not owning your true power and allowing limiting beliefs to control you.

Short answer: you can't.

So.... really think about what are these limiting beliefs? Where did they come from? How are they impacting you? How are they impacting the people closest to you in your life? How are they impacting total strangers you pass on the street?

Really think about what you want and what you want to create because this life is yours. It's 100 percent yours to create what you want with it. And that's the amazing thing is that we have the ability to create whatever it is that we want.

When you really own that fact and that truth that your belief systems are what's creating your entire world, that every event that's coming at you in your life is going through your box of experiences and perspective and culture and religion and all of the things that created who you are. 

Every event that's coming at you is just a reflection of that. It's going through that box and you're creating the meaning of it. And when you start to view your life that way, it's just really, really incredible. The power that comes from being able to take something, an event as neutral and then decide however it is that you want to see it, being aware of those limiting beliefs as part of that process, it's just such an incredible thing. Flipping those limiting beliefs and creating the empowering beliefs that can then turn your life around and help you create exactly what it is that you want to create because really, truly nothing is out of our control.

Everything is in our power and we get to, we get to live this life. 

We get to create our story. We get to be the character in our story. How amazing is that?

I challenge you today to spend some time, really looking into yourself, thinking about your limiting beliefs, thinking about the belief systems that you have about yourself that maybe are holding you back and that may be stopping you from going after those things that you really, really want. 

Think about where they came from and think about if they're true or not because they're not. If they're holding you back they're, 100 percent not true.

What do you want? What do you really, really want? What story do you want to live and what kind of character do you want to be in it?

We get this life and we get to do the amazing things in it and we get to choose exactly what we want to have happen and whatever is happening to you or happening at you or whatever, you have the opportunity to look at it and decide if it's really what you want and if it is, GREAT, maybe you could change your perspective to look at it even better. If it's not, then let's change it and do something about it. Let's recognize what limiting belief system is creating whatever you don't like creating in your life and create something better! 

And if you have any questions, or want some personal support to see YOUR limiting beliefs, just comment below. :) Remember... everything you want is on the horizon. Are you going to make it happen?

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