Today is the day to feel lighter and brighter. 

It was a week before my 28th birthday and I had had one of the worst weeks of my life. Walking out of the doctors office with the knowledge that I had thyroid cancer and would spend the next who knows how long seeking to be cured was how the week began. The uncertainty about what the next year would bring was like carrying a 500 pound backpack on my back. To add to the weight, I was let go from my job a couple of days later, and the uncertainty of how I was going to take care of myself was almost unbearable.

At this point I was one month into the gestation of my business, ONE MONTH, I hadn't even launched yet, but at least I had something to cling onto that was all mine and meant the world to me. I had the temptation to quit altogether and go into survival mode, but my wonderful mother told me that I better not let any of this stop me, am I ever so grateful for her wisdom and support.

I had been preparing to do a New Years Resolution Workshop the week after all of this news hit, however only a couple of my dearest friends were on the ticket list, and the night of the workshop I texted them all and told them I just couldn't do it, the weight that had been placed on me that week was just too great. I felt like I had let them all down, but they understood 100%.

That night I got an email from my yoga studio advertising a "candlelight" yin class and at the end of the description it said that you would leave this class "feeling lighter and brighter." I thought, "that is EXACTLY how I want to feel" and so the motto for my business was born (Thank you whoever wrote that yoga class description). And yes, I did attend the yoga class and I did leave feeling lighter and brighter. 

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So what does it mean to feel lighter and brighter?

Lighter feels like...   surrendering.

It feels like letting go of control.

It feels like accepting help and love from others.

It feels like having faith that everything is coming together for your good.

It feels like knowing that a greater being is watching over you.

Brighter feels like...   standing up and doing everything you can to take responsibility for your own emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

It feels like being grateful for all the good things in your life.

It feels like taking action on the things you can control.

It feels like having a clear purpose and actively working on it.

It feels like knowing who you are and knowing you have something to offer the world.

It feels like doing the things that you've always wanted to do.

That idea that has been bursting to get outside of you is literally weighing you down. It is screaming for you to let it out, it wants to SHINE! 

I am so excited to announce the first ever BE BRAVE JOURNEY : 5 Days to Courage. This is the first of many and I hope you will join us for the kick-off next Monday in the Lighter and Brighter Tribe.

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If I have learned anything in my life of experiences it is that things ALWAYS get better and I ALWAYS feel happier when I do the things that I want to do, even if, especially if, they scare the crap out me. 

We all have big dreams. We all have things that scare us.

Whether that is quitting your job, starting your own business, having a hard conversation with your partner, deciding to get pregnant, standing up to your boss, putting up a profile on an online dating site, going on a first date, writing a blog post, sharing your story, committing to a religion, every one of these things is scary, can put you out of your comfort zone, and can feel excruciatingly hard. 

But the only way to up is through these things. And you can do it.

Today is the day to feel lighter and brighter.

Join us next week by clicking the link below. Can't wait to meet you.