Yesterday I made a big decision. I took a huge leap of faith in regards to my business and it made me think about all of other times I have taken big leaps of faith in my life and how every time I have done that, EVERY SINGLE TIME, things that I never believed possible have happened and my wildest dreams have come true.

The thing about big dreams…

They happen little steps at a time and all of the sudden you look back through all the disappointments, successes, failures, tears, sweat, and joy and you see that they were coming together the whole time.

And thank you goodness you kept going and caught it.


So how do we get started along this journey of catching our big dreams?


But not the kind like New Year's resolutions (it’s October.. anyone thinking about New Year’s Resolutions yet??) where you say you're going to do something and then it dies by January 5. And not the kind where you think about something you'd like to do, say to yourself, "well, that'd be nice," and then brush it off because it actually isn't that important to you.

No, the kind of goals I want to talk about are the ones that light your soul on fire, the DREAMS that live in you that have this constant little voice and are screaming louder and louder to get out.

"Those who accomplish the most in life are those with a vision."

The thing about dreams is that they CAN and WILL come true if you MAKE them happen. And the path to the fruition of a dream is setting a goal. Goal setting is beginning with the end in mind. It is creating a vision of the thing/life/relationship/career you want to have and then working backward to make a plan of how to get there.

GOAL = the destination

PLAN = the route for which you get there

I love this analogy because I love road trips. Sometimes I like to set out on spontaneous drives with no destination in mind, and those are great if that's what I'm wanting in the moment. But usually there is a place that I am dying to see and if I didn't make a plan using a map and some tools of how to get there, chances are I would not reach my destination. So it is with goals. If the goal is the end destination, there needs to be some prep work involved around creating the ROADMAP to make the goal a reality. How do we do this?

Steps to catch your Dream…

  1. Get really clear on what it is that you want.

  2. Reduce the goal to ONE CLEAR IMAGE.

  3. Write out WHY you want this. What will it bring to you, how will it change your life? Your why is your DRIVING force. It is the engine in the car. Without it, you will not go anywhere.

  4. Create a PLAN, roadmap, of how you will get there.

    1. This Plan needs to involve a few things in order for you to be successful.

      1. Specific. The plan must be specific; when you will accomplish it by and exactly how. Be precise.

      2. Measurable.  How will you know you have reached your goal. How will things in your life have changed?

      3. Attainable. Is this something you can actually accomplish? Nothing is impossible, so with this I mean: Are you giving yourself enough time? Do you have the tools you need to be successful? If not, what do you need?

  5. State each goal and part of the plan as a positive statement.

  6. WRITE them down.  

  7. Display them in a spot you will see them every day.

  8. Say the positive statements every day out loud.

  9. Discipline yourself to accomplish each step of the plan in the time frame you set.

  10. If you don't quite make it, stand up, brush yourself off, and try again.

Happiness is the understanding that goals actually matter and then putting forth a plan to get there."

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and actually believe. (And guess what? A trick I use is to go somewhere completely alone, say in the mountains in my car with my windows all rolled up, (or anywhere you can be comfortable and not disturb other people) and SCREAM these affirmations at the top of your lungs until it feels so real and so a part of you that there is no question in your mind that you will accomplish this goal and make this dream come true. AND it feels amazing. You feel completely alive inside.

You have to believe it. Really believe it.

When I look back on my big dreams… and all of the in between… when they finally come to fruition it is the most amazing feeling ever. Every single moment of heartache, doubt, fear, and work was WORTH it.

Believe in yourself. The Dreams will come.


What are your big dreams?