"I've decided my 2018 will start on February 1. January was a trial period."

I heard this recently and it struck a chord with me because January, for me, was a little rocky.

Anyone else?

I've been doing some thinking as to why the year started out so rough. Maybe it's because I have such high hopes and dreams for 2018 that I overwhelmed myself. Maybe it's because there are really amazing things coming and life always gives us an opportunity to decompress and rid out the darkness within us whenever something better is on it's way. Maybe it's because I know I'm about to step into a higher voice and my EGO freaked out. There are a bunch of reasons.

But... if you can relate and your 2018 has started out a little slow, DON'T WORRY! There is nothing special about January. We can choose at any moment to begin again.

I have a practice at the beginning of each year to choose a word that will be my intention for the course of the following year. 2016 was my year of "yes" and 2017 was all about seeking "clarity." It's always been amazing to me as I choose a word for the year to see the experiences that come as a result of the intention I set and the word I chose. At the beginning of 2017 I had no idea the events that 2017 would bring, but I can't tell you how much clarity I gained about what is important to me and what I really want as I battled with cancer and began the personal development process that is entrepreneurship.  

With that in mind, it actually is quite perfect that this year started out the way it did for me because in November and December of 2017 as I contemplated what my intention for 2018 would be, there was no other word that was standing out more to me than the word:


Cultivate means to grow, to prepare, to labor, work, and ripen. It is a word often used to describe the way we take care of plants when we are growing something. Much like growing a flower or a plant, cultivating something takes time. It means to work on consistently, to take care of, to attend to, to grow. 


I chose this work for myself this year because I don't really like to cultivate and am constantly working on my patience. I like instant results. I like to just go and do. I don't like to train for 6 months to go and ride in a century (100 mile) bike race, I just like to go and do it cold turkey (yes, I have done this.) This can be seen as a skill when I need to take a risk and just do something, but in doing the work to develop good habits, relationships, and wellness there is no quick fix.

"Good goals are about cultivating what you've been given well. Your relationships, your money, your possessions, your work, your home, your health, your time." -Lara Casey

I love this because becoming better isn't always about changing everything in your life. It's about taking what you've been blessed with, what the universe has given you, and doing your very best with it. This year I want to cultivate my health, my spirituality, my personal and professional relationships, and my personal growth. I want to BECOME someone better than I am through consistency and hard work. I want to recognize that good habits take time to develop,  new friendships take time to flourish, and my body takes effort to become strong and then DO the work to become better. 

So... what word are you going to choose for 2018?

As you think about what you really want to create in your life this year,  what word emphasizes that? Think about your values and what's important to you and what you want to see happen in 2018. Are there a lot of words coming to mind? As you set an intention it is important that you choose just one word, so think about it and go deep. 

If you are having a hard time narrowing it down to one word (or is you're having a hard time thinking of a word all together) do the exercise below and you'll be set in no time!

**********Comment below your word for the year! 

Value Words Exercise

1. Go through the list of words below and circle 10 that jump out at you.

2. Out of those 10 words, narrow it down to the 3 most important ones.

3. Then out of those 3 words, choose ONE that most resonates with what you want to accomplish this year.


**********Comment below your word for the year!