Does being organized contribute to self-care? To identity clarity? To peace of mind? Abso-freaking-lutely! It's been a minute since I've written about home and design and with the beginning of a new season (FALL! aka the best season of the year) and back to school I figured it was a great time to talk about how

Home organization is part of self-care

because it keeps you sane! I am a very organized person. I always have been. When I was 5 years old I cut up ALL of my mom's mementos for me (cards, pictures, etc.) in an attempt to organize them (needless to say she wasn't too happy.) I was always reorganizing my stuff, rearranging my room, and at school I was always helping my teachers organize their desks, offices, and classrooms (can you say teachers pet?) Anyways, I nerd out about organization techniques and The Container Store is basically Disneyland in my eyes, so anyways.... my point is... I am passionate about being organized because

Home organization is part of self-care. 


Being organized gives you peace of mind.

Being organized helps you accomplish more by not wasting time feeling stressed.

Being organized makes you more attractive.

Being organized draws others to you because you don't give off frazzled energy.

Being organized helps you recognize the things you love and don't love.

Being organized helps you see who you really are.

Being organized frees up your brain space from having to think about the disorder and think about the things you really want to think about.

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Believe me yet? The correlation between home/personal organization and peace of mind is HUGE, not to mention the extra time you create, the relationships you have the time to build, and the personal satisfaction you feel. 

So whether you just sent your kids back to school, just started back to school yourself, or are just looking for a FALL home make-over, take these organization tips and get peaceful!

10 Small Organization Hacks 

  1. Return borrowed items.
  2. Put everything in need of repair in one place.
  3. Take out the garbage and recycling.
  4. Pick things up off the floor.
  5. Clear the top of a flat surface.
  6. Toss out expired coupons, junk mail, newspapers, school papers IMMEDIATELY after you get them. :)
  7.  Find 12 things in your home to donate to a friend or charity.
  8. Take 10 items from you closet that no longer fit or are worn out. (If you haven't worn it in 3 months, get rid of it!)
  9. Toss things that are stained, broken, or cannot be used.
  10. Remove purchases from shopping bags as soon as you get home.
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And in case you want to jump in and create some organization ROUTINES (because without making organization a habit, these lifestyle advantages to being organized won't last) here are:

10 Small Habits to Add to your Daily Routine

  1. Make your bed every morning,
  2. Put laundry away as soon as it is washed and dried.
  3. Put your keys in the same place every day.
  4. Deal with your mail/email daily.
  5. Make lunches the night before.
  6. Return items back to where you got them.
  7. If it takes 2 minutes or less - do it now. (This is my favorite one!)
  8. Lay out tomorrow's clothes in the evening.
  9. Empty your purse and bags nightly.
  10. Make a last minute pick-up before bed.

Time is our most valuable resource and being organized saves you time in the long run, gives you peace of mind, makes you more fun to be around, and makes life more fun to live. I'd love to hear of any organization hacks you implement that make your life better! (Comment below)

Home Organization is part of self-care.

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