This Wednesday, I want to talk COLOR! Did you know that colors evoke emotion?? What's your favorite color? Why? How does that color make you feel? Would you like your bedroom to be painted that color? Do you like wearing that color? Colors bring out feelings in us and we surround ourselves with colors that bring out the feelings we want to feel, subconsciously creating our inner worlds. Keep reading to learn about all the different colors and how you can use them to uplevel your environment and mind!

You can use this information as you design your space, your wardrobe, and your life!

RED - tribe, passion, love, drive, anger, stop danger, blood, power, control. Makes a statement. Red is a not a good color to use in a bedroom or a kitchen because those places you want to feel calm and serene. Red would be a great color to use in a home gym or office space where you want to feel motivated and invigorated. Red does work well on exteriors. 


ORANGE - new life, emotional center, to feel, to create, guilt, self-gratification, intelligence, healthy, insomnia, money. Use orange in an office or living room to create feelings of creativity, drive, and inclusiveness.

PINK - friendship, tenderness, gentleness, kindness, purity, innocence, peace, attraction. Pink is not specifically a color I love to use in interiors, however wearing pink can illicit feelings of love, self-confidence, and attract others to you. And if you want to use pink in your interior, all the more power to you!

YELLOW - fire, confidence, self-esteem, happiness, ego, self, confident, boundaries, discipline, creativity, insomnia, energy. Yellow, much like orange, should be used in the office or living room. It can also be quite lovely in the kitchen in places where you want to bring out feelings of happiness, confidence, and joy. Accessorize bedrooms in small doses of yellow to bring out these feelings as well.

GREEN - money, wealth, growth, light, love, oxygen, nature, value, self-acceptance, challenge, loving, caring, trusting, non-judgemental. Use green in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Greens bring out feelings of calm and serenity. Bonus: Mint green encourages stimulating conversations, fresh ideas, and is invigorating and cleansing. A great way to bring green into ANY space is with plants!


BLUE - communication, expression, relaxation, holiday, vacation, clear, truthful, creative. Use blue in bedrooms to help stimulate dreams and relaxation. Wear blue to help yourself feel calm and relaxed.

INDIGO - inner vision, intuition, meditation, self-reflection, dreams, guidance, vision, peace. Use purple in the bedroom to stimulate dreams and guidance, but be careful not to go overboard as purple can also induce nightmares.


WHITE - light, purity, cleanliness, innocence, whole, new beginnings, blank canvas, ready for a new relationship, a big move... Use white in the home to bring out feelings of peace, cleanliness, and purity. White spaces can be inviting and beautiful. Wear white to invite new beginnings into your life.

BROWN - nature, connected to earth, solid, structure, helps you get out of your head. Use browns in woods, furniture, and other finishings to bring groundedness and connection into the home. 

SILVER - feminine energy, mystery, sensitivity, grounding, intuitive powers, protector from negative energy, respect, and courtesy. Accessorize any space with silver to bring out the creative, intuitive energies.  


As in all design it's about BALANCE. 

Shift the Color. >>>> Shift your Attitude. >>>> Shift your Life.