I have always been a dreamer and a planner and super nostalgic, it's innately who I am. At the end of the year I love to reflect on the year and remember all the good (and hard) times, what I've learned, and where I've gone, who I've become, and how far I've come. But over the past few years I have realized the importance of reflecting, but then also taking the time to ENVISION what you want the next year to look like, because if you don't plan it, it won't happen. 

Over the years this process has developed from the simple task of creating a "bucket list" for the year, to just thinking of the major goals, to vision boarding, and some years even having the goal to have no goals at all and to just live (that was a great year, but I ended up floating around and ending up in a place I didn't really want to be). 

Now, I'm not talking about "new years resolutions" the kind that you think about for 5 minutes, work on for 2 weeks, and then forget about by the end of January. I'm talking about the type of intentional thinking and planning out exactly what you want YOUR new year to look like and how you can CREATE exactly that. 

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This will be my last blog post for 2017 and so I wanted to share with you the routine I follow at the end of each year and share my love and appreciation for all of you by gifting you my Envision 2018 Workbook. It has become a tradition over the past few years of sharing this with my family and friends and I'm so grateful that this year that includes all of YOU! Thank you so much for being here. It means the world to me.

Envision 2018:

A Guide to Reflect on 2017 and Set Intentions for 2018

First of all... Schedule a time just for YOU to do this with no interruptions or distractions. I know this time of year is so busy and full, but I challenge you to take some time for just YOU. This year I treated myself to a night away in a beautiful space where I could be inspired and connect to my true self as I envisioned what I want for the new year. Giving myself that time and experience was incredible and if you can do that, GREAT. But if not, a couple hours alone in your bedroom will do the trick. 

Surround yourself with some of your favorite treats, things that you love and inspire you, put a "do not disturb" sign on your door, and get busy ENVISIONING. (I also recommend getting yourself some poster board, or the giant post-it notes, and some markers. It is incredibly fun to see these things big and up close hanging all over the walls.)

Step 1. DREAM: What would a WILDLY WONDERFUL year look like for you?

Give yourself 20-30 minutes to just dream. Brainstorm any and every single thing that you would like to see happen this year. If you could wave a magic wand and have everything you wanted, what would your life look like? This is not a time to be logical or practical. This is a time to be frivolous and imaginative. What do you really really want?

No one else will ever see your dream until you ENVISION it. See it and they’ll see it too.
— Toni Sorensen

Step 2. Reflect: What did 2017 look like?

As we look ahead to the future and envision what we want to create, it is so important to take a moment and reflect on where we've been. What was good about 2017? What did you love doing in 2017? What was hard? What did you hate doing this year? What trials did you experience? Who impacted your life this year? What changes did you make? What was your best decision of 2017? What decisions completely back-fired? What did you learn this year? What were YOUR biggest take-aways from 2017?


Step 3. Who Am I: Who did you BECOME in 2017

Take all of those things that you reflected on in step 2 and write a statement of who you became this year. Think about who you were a year ago and who you are now. What experiences facilitated that growth?

Step 4. Plan: What do the next 12 months look like for you?

This is where you get specific. Only detailed goals come to fruition. Simply stating you want something does not ensure you will get it, you have to create the plan of HOW you are going to CREATE that thing, life, relationship, job, etc. Go through step one and narrow them down to the things you REALLY want to see happen THIS year and then month-by-month come up with specific plans of HOW you are going to get there.

Remember- this is a blueprint, not set-in-stone plans, but if you don't first think it, you won't do it.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Step 5. Become: How do you need to show up in 2018?

Who do you need to be in order for these goals/dreams to come to fruition? How do you need to show up? I have big plans for my business next year... and that is going to require me showing up differently, being consistent and visible and further working through my own limitations and fears. What do YOU want to accomplish this year and WHO is the person required to make it happen. 


Step 6. Envision: 2018 will be....

This is the culminating step of your ENVISION ritual. It is 2-fold.

First, write it out. You've brainstormed what you want, you've planned the details of how you are going to get there, and you've thought about who you need to be. Now write out what it will mean to get there? What does it feel like? What does it taste like? What does it smell like? It needs to be so tangible and so real that you can literally feel it and know that you can reach out and grab it and make it yours.

Second, go through the act of VISUALIZING it. Our minds are amazing. Literally amazing. They can create anything we can imagine. Close your eyes, turn on some relaxing music and take 5-10 minutes just leaning into the vision you have created, what it looks like to get there and how it feels when you have created what you set out to do. If you can see it you can create it, it really is that simple. 

You are going to want to read through your "Envision Script" and do the visualizing process at least once a week if not more often. The clearer it becomes in your mind the more energy you will have around creating it (and the more drive you will have to ACT on it).

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Step 7. Believe and Begin: You can have anything your heart desires.

Go forth and do. Believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Believe you can actually have anything and everything you want. We are creative beings put here to be happy. You are meant to thrive. Don't doubt yourself. Put one step forward everyday and push towards the things you most desire. 

The beginning is found in holding hope. Envision it. Envision your desires. Could it be? Could this be your future? Indeed, it can be if only you have the hope. See the truth of your dreams. The only way to begin is with a heart filled with hope for the future.
— Avina Celeste

I hope you can reflect on 2017 and see all the places you've come. Set intentions and look forward to 2018 with the brightest hope and the greatest dreams. Click the link below for MY CHRISTMAS GIFT TO YOU, the ENVISION 2018 WORKBOOK! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours! Wishing you the very best in this glorious new year! Muah!

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